Arte Huichol Bracelet

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Each of these bracelets showcases the craftsmanship style from the "Huichol" indigenous people of Mexico, also known as "Wixárika". We named it "Arte Huichol" to instigate your curiosity to learn more about them. 

Note: The designs on the bracelets are not traditional and feature more of a geometric modern style. 

  • Handmade (Hecho en Mexico)
  • Size: 7 inches (Length)
  • Vendor: YAO

The Story : During our last trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we met a wonderful women “Yadira” (the owner of YAO) who inspired us with her charisma and excitement to showcase Mexican handmade arts & goods. 2020 had been a challenging year for her business but she didn't give up and we found her in the middle of her process to reinvent her business products. We warmed to each other quickly and collaborated together to personalized new products for Mi Peruanita. Plus, we hand picked our favorite items to bring them to you!