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[Bohemio] Peruvian Manta Throw Blanket

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Inspired by bringing you a bit of Peru to your home, we used this traditional Peruvian manta fabric to create the perfect snuggly throw blanket for you and your family!

Peruvian Manta Story

The Manta is a traditional Peruvian carrying cloth, one of the most beautiful gifts that we have from the Inca Empire and commonly worn over the shoulder by woman to carry their children. The Manta has a story to tell, it has a spirit of its own and this is why we were inspired to craft a functional product so that you can experience the power of the Manta.

  • Peruvian Manta (Acrylic Wool) & Polyester Faux Fur Fabric
  • Manta Peruana (Lana Acrilica) y Tela Tipo Peluche (Faux Fur)
    • Reversible
    • Dry Cleaning (For best results) or Cool Water Wash & Air Dry.
    • Average size: 47" (width) x 60/63" (length)
    • Please allow 2 days for shipping.
    • Note: Since each blanket is handmade - you may see slight variations in size - no two blankets are identical, which makes it extra special.